A lightning-fast build tool for modern web development

  • Perfect
    for both huge enterprise projects and for small prototypes
  • Doesn't
    process needless files, limiting I/O, keeping things
  • Library
    of modules is easy to use, new modules are easy
    to write
  • Sane
    defaults keep you coding instead of maintaining configuration
  • Skeletons,
    starter projects, examples, plenty of ways to start a project


  • Coding in Seconds Use Mimosa's command line to build out a skeleton app that is ready to go with your desired meta-languages, a bit of sample code, and an server too! No additional installs or plugins needed to get started.
  • Watch And Serve Assets Mimosa will keep track of your assets and when you save something kick off all sorts of awesome. Mimosa will also optionally serve assets for you or invoke a node server so that you only need a single process running to watch and serve.
  • Convention + Config Mimosa's configuration starts empty. Sane defaults keep you coding instead of figuring out config. If you stick close to Mimosa's conventions you may never look at or update the configuration. But Mimosa is heavily configurable if you find yourself needing to vary away from its convention.
  • Optimize + Minify Have the best of both worlds. Develop with unminified, uncompressed, individual assets. Flip a switch and develop with minified and compressed assets that have been merged with RequireJS.
  • Immediate Feedback Code doesn't compile? You'll find out right away. When code breaks Mimosa will write big angry messages to the console and use Growl if you've got it installed.
  • Live Reload Both the server built into Mimosa and the one it provides you on project creation come with Live Reload ready to go. When a web asset is compiled or a server template is changed, your browser updates immediately.
  • Bower Mimosa comes with Bower support included. Mimosa will keep your vendor dependencies straight and install them where you need them to be.
  • Testing Mimosa has external modules for test runners Karma and Testem that will run your tests for you. Mimosa also has a more fully-featured Testem module if you are using RequireJS and want Mimosa to manage that for you.

but that's not all...




Mimosa will compile your CoffeeScript and Iced CoffeeScript (each w/ source maps), Coco, LiveScript and TypeScript. We'll make more, just ask.


Stylus w/nib. SASS (via Ruby or node) w/Compass. LESS. Mimosa won't bother compiling your partials individually, but when your partials change it'll compile whichever files at the root of your CSS tree need compiling.


Dust. Handlebars. Emblem. Hogan. Underscore. LoDash. Jade. ECO. EJS. Ractive. Just HTML. Mimosa will pre-compile all of your templates. Not using one of these? Request your favorite be added.

Meta-Languages? Pfft.

Plain JS, Plain CSS, no templates? You're a classic and Mimosa's cool with that. Files that don't need compiling will just be copied, but they'll still get the royal treatment, including linting and RequireJS verification.






Dependency Checking

Mimosa will keep track of your dependency graph and alert you right away if you've mis-typed a path, referred to something that doesn't exist, or have a circular dependency. It will also keep tabs on your shims, maps and plugin paths.


If you use RequireJS, you probably know about the optimizer. With the tick of a flag Mimosa will run the optimizer on every successful JavaScript compile or copy. And you won't need to configure a thing.

Also with CommonJS!

Using an external Mimosa module, you can code using the CommonJS format with your AMD/RequireJS application.

Or just Browserify!

Another external module can be plugged in to give you browserify support, not only letting you code your app using CommonJS, but also letting you bundle node.js code for the browser.






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